News & media

5th May 2021

Balder to acquire Asset Buyout Partners

28th January 2021

Acquired Kristiansund Base and three properties at Mongstad

26th November 2020

Secured option to acquire parts of MIP and Helgelandsbase

1st May 2020

Annual Report 2019

1st October 2019

Acquisition of six strategic industrial properties

1st July 2019

Acquired supply bases for NOK 8bn

9th April 2018

Asset Buyout Partners acquires Mongstad Group

1st November 2017

Aquisition of Point's HQ facility at Forus

22nd June 2017

Acquisition of mission critical property in Dusavik

5th May 2017

Aquisition of MRC Global Norway's HQ at Åsane

28th November 2016

Acquisition of six properties from Risavika Havn

7th January 2016

Acquisition of NOK 875m portfolio from NorSea